Why Us

The founders of BeautyVantage have been helping women achieve their breast enlargement goals using plant hormones since 1996. We are a company with strong holistic values and support, exceptional in our commitment to your success.

Phytoestrogens are still the only viable, feasible natural alternative to implants. That said, NaturalWoman® is the only program incorporating all the things that have been learned in the past few years that must be known about phytoestrogens in order to keep this organic process normal, safe and effective.

Food can be our medicine, while by the same token medicines are more dangerous than food. Phytoestrogens have really shown to reduce the risk of cancer and should be eaten daily in quantity (though the modern diet is no longer rich in these substances). However, in extract form they are quite capable of promoting cancer. That said, NaturalWoman® delivers the phytoestrogens 'in matrix,' mostly from the highest ranking food and food-like herbs. The others primarily use extracts and draw from the same repertoire of herbs found in fertility and menopause formulas, just in differing combinations--herbs which even in whole form are considered medicinal, to be taken with caution.

Stronger where it concerns estrogens is not better. Their formulas are recipes for estrogen dominance, which not only encourages cancer, it sabotages real breast growth. Also, some are still using herbs that have actually proven to be ineffective and even harmful, while many of the herbs they contain are not as effective for breast enlargement as when taken in combination with certain others. These issues raise serious safety concerns, not to mention extracts contain toxic residue from the chemical extraction process.

Extraction is done at the expense of other potentially important phyto-chemicals and co-factors that help our bodies utilize them safely and derive the most benefit from them. This practice was started by the pharmaceutical industry for profit because they can't patent plants. Ironically, true potency and efficacy results from the interaction of all constituents within and among synergistic herbs, not from isolating and concentrating just the components believed to be responsible for their actions, which can even be wrongly identified.

NaturalWoman® with its emphasis on the whole herb, is a hormone modulator. Hormonal balance is key to breast growth. This is the governing ideal of our program, as evidenced by both our formula and by all our materials, especially our package instructions which share little known information to guarantee against anything interfering with results.

Once you are a customer we avail you of all our proven secrets for successful results, not the least of which are adjuncts which facilitate continuous elimination of excess endogenous and exogenous estrogens that can cause estrogen dominance; little known nutrients which can have a profound effect on improving your estrogen metabolic ratio (very important), plus other necessary information vital to the successful use of plant hormones—all of which we found other products to be greatly remiss in even attempting to provide.

Anything other than NaturalWoman® you take at your own risk. Many people buy based on price rather than on merit only to find they should have purchased NaturalWoman® from the start.

The NaturalWoman® program does the most to maximize efficacy and to ensure safety. You can't have one without the other. This is what sets us apart set from the "buyer beware" category that all the others belong in. The distinction we make between natural and holistic is an important one and can make all the difference.

Our primary concern in the beginning is detoxification. You begin your treatment course with a special preliminary cleanse, offered only by our program. It comes free with the three (or more) month supply. Toxins called xenoestrogens can interfere with product absorption and block healthy proliferation of mammary tissue cells. They are also one of the main causes of estrogen dominance.

The cleanse is to help remove these potentially cancerous substances from mammary tissue. It also helps to optimize the health of all organs and glands that support hormonal balance and helps to balance hormones initially.

"It's amazing to me that plants can interact so intimately with the hormones we make in our bodies. But if you think about it, we evolved alongside the plant world. So it makes sense that our bodies are fluent in their language. The other important aspect of phytotherapy is that the cells of your body and the plant molecules can communicate...It's helpful to think of your endocrine system as a kind of orchestra, and hormonal balance as its music. Each of us has a unique body and biography, so each of us has a unique orchestra and a unique symphony."

Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP