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No toxic chemicals. Contain residuals of harsh industrial solvents like hexane and acetone used in chemical extraction process. Raises safety concerns.
Ingredients: NaturalWoman® consists of crop plants and herbs found at the top of the list of food and food-like herbs ranking highest in phytoestrogens as well as time-honored mastogenic and anabolic (constructive metabolism) herbs chosen for the synergy of their diverse breast enlarging contributions, all fortified with 3 newly identified phytoestrogens (in matrix), each having an activity greater than any of the other established plant estrogens. Ingredients: Primarily use extracts of herbs traditionally found in fertility and menopausal formulas, which are mostly from the medicinal class of herbs, which act upon the endocrine and reproductive systems causing estrogen-like effects like swelling. Some are still using herbs that have long been proven ineffective for breast enlargement and even harmful. Many of the herbs they contain are not as effective for breast enlargement as when taken in combination with certain others.
Safe as food and can be taken as long as you want to keep growing. No other company stresses, let alone mentions, the importance of the continual elimination of excess estrogen metabolites in order to prevent estrogen dominance and to keep receptor sites sensitized and breasts growing. To that end, we share some valuable information with you. The same caution should be exercised with the medicinal herbs used in these formulas as with medicines. (Keep in mind that while food can be our medicine, medicines are more dangerous than food.) Can cause results-defeating estrogen dominance. Stronger is not better when it comes to estrogens.
Adds phytoestrogens to your diet. Phytoestrogens have really shown to reduce the risk of cancer. Our diets are no longer rich in these substances, whereas they should be eaten in quantity daily. In extract form, which is how they exist in other form-ulas, phytoestrogens are quite capable of promoting cancer. This raises serious safety concerns, especially considering the length of time required to be on these formulas, not to mention others may need to be taken indefinitely in order to maintain results and the toxic residue of chemicals used in extraction process.
Potency: NaturalWoman® is more potent for the fact it primarily consists of full spectrum herbs, replete with their full range of constituents as found in nature. Ironically, true potency and safety results from the interaction of many, many constituents and co-factors within and among synergistic herbs, not from isolating the active constituent, which then no longer belongs to the plant kingdom but to the molecular world. This runs counter to the holistic view that each herb is an ecosystem that combines all of its parts to produce the desired effect. Potency: Ironically extracts are not more potent than the whole herb. The practice of extraction is patterned after the drug model of herbal medicine which concentrates on one constituent at the expense of other potentially important phytochemicals and co-factors that may contribute to the activity of the whole herb in helping our bodies utilize them safely and derive the most benefit from them. Also, the active constituents can sometimes even be wrongly identified. These are recipes for estrogen dominance which can sabotage breast growth.
NaturalWoman® is a hormone modulator as evidenced by alleviation of menopausal symptoms and PMS, and of course this balance provides the best climate for breast growth. These formulas themselves are inherently imbalanced. Constituents and co-factors that help our bodies derive the most benefit from the herbs may have been removed.
Hormonal balance is key to healthy breast growth and is the objective that governs our program, as shown both by our ingredients, which exist in our formula as they do in nature, and by the little known information we share in our package instructions to guarantee against anything interfering with results Little or no information provided about the importance of hormonal balance-- what causes it, how to achieve it, how to restore it.
NaturalWoman® is a one-time program with permanent results. Resulting breast mass would have to be surgically removed. Once you reach your set point, no maintenance dose required. A "booster" dose may be recommended after having children or significant weight loss, or as a result of advancement in age Requires a maintenance dose to be taken indefinitely in order to maintain results.
Dextoxification. Unique to our program is a special preliminary full-cellular cleanse to detoxify mammary glands for maximum absorption of the product and to optimize the health of all glands and organs involved and to help balance hormones initially. Our full spectrum phytoestrogenic herbs, of themselves, promote detoxification. No emphasis given to the importance of detoxification and its role in breast enlargement.
What to expect: You will begin to notice it working in as little as 2 or 3 weeks, a sign that reactivation of the mammary glands and the development of breast tissue has begun to take place and that things are progressing as they should. False results present as swelling, fluid retention, enlargement of fat cells. Lack of true mammogenesis requiring continuing use of the product to maintain appearance of increased size. Again, the reason may stem from use of extracts and lack of knowledge on the part of the company as to the successful use of phytoestrogens.
This first 3 months we call the "loading up" period. It is the time frame within which most will firm up, fill out and begin to grow--at a rate which increases exponentially as new receptor sites continue to multiply, until you reach your desired size. You determine your own set point.
This is an organic process that works faster for some than for others. Some people achieve remarkable results in a short period of time while others may take longer. Individual differences in metabolism and body chemistry account for variations in the time and amount of product required by each customer, depending also upon individual goals or amount of growth desired.
On average, gain 1 to 1-1/2 cup sizes (or equivalent thereof in restored volume) within 3 to 4 months; 2 cup sizes in under 7months, while 3 is more often a result of extended use.
Whether your goal is to restore breast mass after children, weight loss or aging, and/or to grow beyond you original cup size, or if you are a transgender starting from nothing, or next to nothing—as long as you have mammary tissue upon which to build--you are a candidate for NaturalWoman®.
We can honestly say from our many years of experience (since 1996) that any adverse effects or lack of desired results would be highly unusual. Also, with NaturalWoman® transgenders are now able to go from flat to fab without the shocking side-effects of estrogen therapy. We have the highest satisfaction rate in the industry!
Customer service: Strong holistic values and support. Once you are a customer we avail you of all our proven secrets for successful results, amongst them a supplement which is the little known key to the bio-availability, hence efficacy, of phytoestrogens; also, we give you the adjuncts which facilitate continuous elimination of excess endogenous and exogenous estrogens that can cause estrogen dominance, plus little known nutrients which can have a profound effect on improving your estrogen metabolic ratio (very important), and other necessary information vital to the successful use of plant hormones. Customer service: Greatly remiss in even attempting to provide vital information necessary for safe and effective use of phytoestrogens. Many are copycat formulas with no interest in the customer beyond point of sale. Note* NaturalWoman® is a one-of-a-kind proprietary formula, meaning it cannot be pirated, nor can it be purchased from any other vendor except Beauty Vantage, LLC.
By combining good medical practice with a healthy lifestyle, most obstacles relative to any heath issues can be averted. To that end, we can help you customize your program at no additional cost (with the approval of your wellness physician). This is unheard of with other products. The plan with which we provide you to defend yourself against possible problems can make all the difference in your experience.

NaturalWoman® is the only program that is incorporating all the things that have been learned in the past few years that must be known about phytoestrogens in order for this process to yield fast, safe, and permanent results.

Phytoestrogens are still the only viable and feasible natural alternative to implants and our program is doing the most to maximize their efficacy and to ensure their safety. You can't have one without the other. By heeding the science and spreading awareness, we have set ourselves apart from the "buyer beware" category that all the others belong to. The distinction we make between natural and holistic is an important one and is making all the difference.

"Your outer beauty will capture the eyes, your inner beauty will capture the heart."

Steven Aitchison