What strongly influenced me to try NaturalWoman® was the statement you made that as long as you have any mammary tissue left to build upon, you are a candidate for this program. If it hadn't been for your exceptional personalized support, I never would have realized that my dramatic loss of breast mass after nursing my last child may have been due to Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome. My doctor did not inform me of the possibility of PTL before I consented to the procedure. As soon as you brought this to my attention, I immediately set about having it reversed and am very pleased to announce I am finally now on my way to restoring my original cup size, which is a D. For me there can be no doubt as to the merits of your program. Your dedication to spreading awareness of women's health issues puts you in a class all by yourself.

Janice D., Detroit, MI

"I wasted a lot of time and money "herb-hopping," before I found NaturalWoman®. I tried everything from the home brewed teas, alone as well as in combination with extracts sold as kits, which not only had no lasting effect, but proved too inconvenient for my busy lifestyle. The multi-herb supplements I tried were equally as disappointing. Neither would I have wasted my money on the topical cremes, had I known at the time it's impossible for them to have any effect at the receptor level, since phytoestrogens can only be made bio-available by our gut flora. Their enhancing effects lasted only for as long as I kept using them. Not to mention most of them contain toxic parabens. Your formula is the one that's got the "good stuff." With NaturalWoman® I have already gone from an A to a solid B and at this rate I should be a C by the end of my program. Plus it has straightened out my PMS symptoms, which for me is huge, AND I have not gained any weight like I did with the others. If I can save anyone from stepping over dollars to pick up pennies, NaturalWoman® is the smartest choice and most direct route. I know I wish had known about you from the beginning!

Tanya M., Bellevue, WA
After Before

"I am a transgender and have gone from completely flat to a C cup! I did the cleanse and my body absorbed the ingredients like a magnet. The nutritional adjuncts you suggested in my case, worked like magic to accelerate my results. This program is amazing. I lost a few pounds but I put some abdominal fat to my hips and buttocks. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful product to market. With great appreciation

Mike. Michelle (Mike) K., NY

It has been less than three months and I have already grown a whole cup size. I was hesitant to take it due to my breasts being fibrocystic, but I am surprised to find my breasts are no longer lumpy and I am attributing it to the product, as I have done nothing else different. I am so impressed!

Angela D., CA

"The active ingredients in the product are not hormones, but plant and grain derived phytoestrogens which behave the same as estrogen. They dock to estrogen receptors in the breasts and are capable of signaling breast tissue growth. Receptor sites increase exponentially to accommodate the product. The results of this accumulation is irreversible. You determine your own set point."

Dr. Wm Fergusen, Nutritionist

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."