Natural Woman® “plant-vs-implants” formula is however itself unrivaled in the realm of natural alternatives.

The astonishing effectiveness of Natural Woman® we attribute to honoring the traditional use of phytoestrogens 'in matrix,' whole grains and full spectrum herbs whose chemo-preventative and breast enlargement mechanisms of action are now being elucidated by hard science--to the credit of many a quasi-occult medicine man of folklore, all masterfully chosen for the synergy of their diverse estrogenic contributions and uniquely fortified with 3 newly discovered phytoestrogens assayed to be the most mastogenic ever come to light. 

Others typically use only medicinal herbs, moreover in extract form standardized like drugs. These can, and do, cause side-effects;  the active constituent is sometimes wrongly identified; plus the chemical extraction process most certainly leaves a toxic residue.  Ironically, true potency   results from the interaction of many, many constituents within and among the related herbs, not from isolating just the active constituents. This is practiced at the expense of all the other potentially important phytochemicals and co-factors that may contribute to the activity of the whole herb in helping our bodies utilize them safely and derive the most benefit from them. 

The raw materials we use in the milligrams provided engenders firm breasts rich in glandular tissue which is permanent (would have to be surgically removed).  Furthermore, phytoestrogens are adaptogenic and offer protection against disease, have anti-cancer properties, and can restore youthfulness.  Developed by a company with strong holistic values and support. Side effects are all positive: hormonal balance, faster and stronger nail and hair growth, increased vitality and sex drive.  We have the highest satisfaction rate in the industry! 

* Herbal supplements are not evaluated by the FDA. Statements made herein are provided only for informational purposes and are in no way meant to substitute for medical advice nor to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease. If you have or suspect that you have a medical condition, you should first consult with your physician, also to be sure the ingredients do not interfere with any medications you may be taking. Pregnant and lactating women should not use this product. Note to celiacs: contains gluten from barley and rye.


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The good news is that the potential for breast growth is maintained throughout reproductive life and even thereafter. Mammogenesis begins in puberty and does not reach its full expression until a baby is born, but the cycle of proliferation and differentiation is repeated with each pregnancy—or by taking Natural WomanTM.  The difference is that the results are permanent. It can bring your breasts to fruition even if you have never been pregnant or if things did not happen as they should have during puberty. It can restore volume after breast feeding, weight loss, and to aging breasts, as well as provide a new opportunity for growth beyond firming up and filling out at a rate which increases exponentially until you reach your desired size.

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